I Wanna Be A Dino Finder

Wanna-Be A Dino Finder provides an interactive, fun-filled opportunity for children to learn more about paleontology, the science of locating and excavating dinosaurs. Children will be captivated with the magnificent animation and the facinating dinosaurs. With the help of Katie the Cameleon, Rufus the Dog, and Addie the Kangaroo, the "Wanna-Be Three," children will be eager to assist Dr. Rock Hound who is desperately in need of prehistoric creatures for an exhibit. The game begins with Dr. Rock Hound explaining what creature he needs, then the mission starts from Dr. Rock Hound's Tent. Within the tent itself, a player can explore many exciting and informational options. A timeline chart displays the time periods of the earth, and it can be clicked on to reveal pre-historic animals of each era. A box of bones can be clicked for various dinosaur facts. Certificates on the wall show a player's progress from ditch digger to Four-Star Fossil Finder and discuss how to become a paleontologist. A picture frame can be touched for an explanation of prominent paleontologists of the past or present. Finally, a wall map of the continents displays the six dig sites - Canada, USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America. Clicking on a location transports the player and tent to the dig site so excavation can begin! At the dig site, the beginning paleontologist has a jack-hammer, a pick, and a brush available to start digging at a roped off plot. A short explanation is given by the "Wanna-Be Three," and they continue to help throughout the dig. As the player digs for bones, he/she may uncover treasure boxes which can be clicked to reveal more facts. When all of the fossils are unearthed, the player must put them together to build a prehistoric animal based on an outline. Then, a player can choose to go on another dig or visit the activity center. activity ctrThe Activity Center offers nine options ranging from Pangaea Puzzle to Hidden Pictures to Creature Maker. These activities, with excellent graphics and animation, will not only teach math, science, and geography but also entertain. With over 50 fossils in six locations around the world, nine fun-filled activities, and numerous other fact-revealing options, Wanna-Be A Dino Finder will be an entertaining and informational source for the young dinosaur enthusiast.

Explore prehistoric paleoworlds, learn about dinosaurs, fossils, prehistoric creatures and what it takes to become a peleontologist. I Can Be A Dinosaur Finder provides hours of discovery into the world of dinosaurs while learning math, science, geography and cognitive skills. You can explore anything you want to be. Dig for over 50 fossils in 6 locations around the world. Play 9 fun-filled activities that teach math, science, and geography. Print out reward certificates on your magical interactive journey, and share progress wtih family and friends Go back in time to play with dinosaurs and see how they roamed the earth. Hours and hours of hands-on exploration into prehistoric paleoworlds.